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At Ardian,
we invest all of ourselves in building companies that last.
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A year of calamity sharpens our sense
of purpose
Ardian responds to the pandemic’s impact by reaffirming its commitment to responsible investment.
2020 was a year when Ardian’s resilience and the strength of our culture and values were tested as never before.

Alongside many others the world over, we had to respond to the calamitous spread of the pandemic and play our part in the global effort to overcome the virus. We reorganized rapidly to protect our staff, support our portfolio companies and ensure our work could continue with minimal disruption.

In our world, trust is the ultimate source of value - everything we do depends on it.
François Jerphagnon, Head of Ardian Expansion

Ardian has continued to raise and deploy funds with minimal disruption, closing new generations of our Secondary Fund of Funds and Expansion funds. Our concentration on high-quality, resilient investments has been validated by the strong performance of our portfolios through 2020. We intensified our communications with LPs and management teams during the crisis, reassuring them that Ardian is working constantly to safeguard their interests.

Florian Stellwag
Chief Executive Officer of Saal Digital, a maker of high-quality photographic products that joined the Ardian Expansion portfolio in November 2019
“We were able to adapt quickly when the pandemic began because we’re a very agile company. We have been fully digital since 2014 – there’s no paper in our company except the photographs we sell so moving 90% of our non-production staff to homeworking was no problem. The changes we’ve made over the past couple of years helped us a lot. For example, we stopped attending trade shows two years before Covid and moved to 100% digital marketing, so the pandemic did not affect our marketing plans.”
SAAL Digital’s instagram account
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At Ardian, we invest all of ourselves in building companies that last.

The principles of responsible investment – and especially the positive impact our work can have on society – are fundamental to the way Ardian operates. During 2020, we extended our commitment to these principles by publishing a simple statement of our corporate purpose: At Ardian, we invest all of ourselves in building companies that last.

How private equity adapted to Covid-19
Pandemic dislocation has made for a challenging backdrop for private equity deals and fundraisings, but despite market volatility, managers have adapted and are continuing to find ways to get transactions done.
In a nutshell
$11 Bn
raised in 2020
$8,7 Bn
distributed to our investors in 2020
$5,7 Bn
invested through our Fund of Funds platform across 44 primary commitments and 7 secondary transactions in 2020
$8,8 Bn
invested across our Direct, Infrastructure, Private Debt and Real Estate activities in 92 transactions, of which 50 were build-ups in 2020
employees of 34 portfolio companies have benefited from profit-sharing at exit by Ardian since 2008, receiving the equivalent of 1 to 6 months’ salary
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    At Ardian,
    we invest all of ourselves in building companies that last.
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